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An entry point, within some Web-based protocol.
PropertyExpected TypeDescription
Properties from EntryPoint
application SoftwareApplication An application that can complete the request.
contentType Text The supported content type(s) for an EntryPoint response.
encodingType Text The supported encoding type(s) for an EntryPoint request.
httpMethod Text An HTTP method that specifies the appropriate HTTP method for a request to an HTTP EntryPoint. Values are capitalized strings as used in HTTP.
urlTemplate Text An url template (RFC6570) that will be used to construct the target of the execution of the action.
Properties from Thing
additionalType URL An additional type for the item, typically used for adding more specific types from external vocabularies in microdata syntax. This is a relationship between something and a class that the thing is in. In RDFa syntax, it is better to use the native RDFa syntax - the 'typeof' attribute - for multiple types. tools may have only weaker understanding of extra types, in particular those defined externally.
alternateName Text An alias for the item.
description Text A short description of the item.
image URL  or
An image of the item. This can be a URL or a fully described ImageObject.
name Text The name of the item.
potentialAction Action Indicates a potential Action, which describes an idealized action in which this thing would play an 'object' role.
sameAs URL URL of a reference Web page that unambiguously indicates the item's identity. E.g. the URL of the item's Wikipedia page, Freebase page, or official website.
url URL URL of the item.

Instances of EntryPoint may appear as values for the following properties
PropertyOn TypesDescription
target Action Indicates a target EntryPoint for an Action.


The Actions mechanism benefited from extensive discussions across the Web standards community around W3C, in particular from the Hydra project's community group.


A Restaurant named "Tartine Bakery" with a ViewAction as a
potentialAction, with several target endpoints including
the simple url and
full EntryPoint descriptions for Windows and iOS SoftwareApplication
This example is JSON only.
This example is JSON only.
<script type="application/ld+json">
  "@context": "",
  "@type": "Restaurant",
  "name": "Tartine Bakery",
  "potentialAction": {
    "@type": "ViewAction",
    "target": [
        "@type": "EntryPoint",
        "urlTemplate": "",
        "contentType": "application/json+ld"
        "@type": "EntryPoint",
        "urlTemplate": "urbanspoon://r/6/92204",
        "application": {
          "@type": "SoftwareApplication",
          "@id": "284708449",
          "name": "Urbanspoon iPhone & iPad App",
          "operatingSystem": "iOS"
        "@type": "EntryPoint",
        "urlTemplate": "urbanspoon://r/6/92204",
        "application": {
          "@type": "SoftwareApplication",
          "@id": "5b23b738-bb64-4829-9296-5bcb59bb0d2d",
          "name": "Windows Phone App",
          "operatingSystem": "Windows Phone 8"

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